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Eurojackpot online

Playing Eurojackpot online

Would you like to avoid lotto tickets waiting-lines? Would you prefer to have some peace of mind to concentrate on picking the winning numbers? The solution is simple, you can play online at Lottomania using your favourite device: computer, tablet or mobile phone. The only thing you need to check is that your internet connection is stable.

Sign up in Lottomania and start playing. Lottomania is a free registration website. To sign up you will have to provide some basic contact details. As a result, you will receive real-time information as soon as the official lottery announces the results. The draw is held at 21:00 PM every Friday night, and in Helsinki at 19:00 GMT.

Once registered, then you can proceed to buy the tickets and pick your numbers. You can pick the numbers yourself or by using the quick pick option which will pick random numbers.

The prizes under $2,500 will be transferred into your account. For larger amounts, you will need to contact the support team.

Most commonly drawn Eurojackpot numbers

Wie man einen Jackpot gewinnt?

Es ist klar, dass Sie mit den gezogenen Zahlen übereinstimmen müssen. Sie müssen fünf Hauptzahlen zwischen 1 und 50 und zwei zusätzliche Zahlen zwischen 1 und 10 abgleichen. Darüber hinaus können Sie die Gewinnchancen des Jackpots erhöhen, indem Sie die neuesten Ergebnisse verfolgen, bei denen es sich um die am häufigsten gezogenen Zahlen handelt.

Die am häufigsten gezogenen Hauptnummern sind:

18 – 45 mal gezogen 40 – 45 mal gezogen 33 – 44 mal gezogen 16 – 43 mal gezogen

19 – 43 mal gezogen 25 – 43 mal gezogen 46 – 42 mal gezogen 7 – 41 mal gezogen

14 – 41 mal gezogen 49 – 41 mal gezogen 35 – 40 mal gezogen 1 – 39 mal gezogen

4 – 39 Mal gezogen 9 – 39 Mal gezogen 10 – 39 Mal gezogen

 13 – 39 mal gezogen 20 – 38 mal gezogen 22 – 38 mal gezogen

Die am häufigsten gezogenen zusätzlichen Nummern sind:

5 – 53 mal unentschieden 3 – 52 mal unentschieden 6 – 49 mal unentschieden 9 – 49 mal unentschieden

8 – 47 mal gezogen 4 – 44 mal gezogen 1 – 41 mal gezogen 2 – 40 mal gezogen

7 – 40 Mal gezogen 10 – 39 Mal gezogen

By playing Eurojackpot online you will have the same chances of winning jackpots as if you were buying a regular ticket. You need to be updated with the latest results on the frequently drawn numbers.

Finally, follow the latest results and make sure that you pick the right numbers before the entries close. Also, make up your mind about how to pick the numbers whether by using the quick pick tool or by yourself. Wait for the draw and stay hopeful about matching the numbers. Good luck in the next draw!

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