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Résultat de l’EuroMillions : imaginez… gagnez !

Tout comme le Loto, l’Euromillions a vu ses règles être modifiées à la fin du mois de septembre 2016 et avec ce changement, une nouvelle campagne de publicité est née, il s’agit de la campagne « imaginez… » portée par l’opérateur national FDJ. Et quoi de plus vrai que d’imaginer avoir la combinaison gagnante d’un tirage de la loterie européenne et de remporter les dizaines de millions d’euros potentiels qui vont avec. N’oublions pas que si les probabilités de voir sa grille être la grande gagnant aux dépends des 139 millions de combinaisons différentes sont minces, pour ne pas dire impossible à atteindre, plusieurs dizaines de joueurs touchent le gros lot chaque année que ce soit en France ou dans les autres pays membre de l’Euromillions.En ce qui concerne le rendez-vous bihebdomadaire qui est réservé aux joueurs de la loterie européenne, c’est bien aux alentours de 21h30 le mardi et le vendredi soir que la combinaison gagnante d’un tirage est dévoilée. Si le site de la Française des jeux ne permet pas de suivre le résultat avant 22h voir 22h30, la technologie de récupération des numéros opérés via des sites étrangers pour vous permet d’être informé en priorité des 5 bons numéros et des 2 bonnes étoiles pour chaque tirage. Depuis la création de la loterie européenne en 2004, plus de 1000 tirages ont eu lieu en 13 ans de tirage, nous souhaitons que l’Euromillions perdure encore.Rappel : bien que les affluences de joueurs fluctuent fortement suivant le montant du jackpot, les tirages de l’Euromillions ont toujours lieux entre 21h et 21h10 dans les locaux parisiens de la Française des jeux et l’heure du résultat ne varie donc jamais, ou de quelques minutes seulement. Alors si vous avez joué une grille pour le prochain tirage de l’Euromillions, vous savez où chercher le résultat, c’est sur

Exciting And Interesting EuroMillions Stories

  • Aaron Smith and his family. This winner and his family discovered the EuroMillions lottery game and pretended to have won the jackpot over Christmas. They had not realized that their mock-up celebration ignited the power of positive thinking and they had a million-pound ticket yet to be claimed.
  • Derek Ladner. This Lotto jackpot winner from Cornwall, always had a tendency of playing the same numbers every time. At one time, he couldn’t remember whether he had placed a bet or not and went ahead to place another ticket just in case. It turned out that he had placed two bets with the same numbers and won two shares of the jackpot, thus pocketing £958,284.
  • James Wilson. Next time you are cleaning your house, be sure to check what you are disposing off. This winner thought he had found some old tickets in his house that he was about to burn but found out that one of them was a EuroMillions ticket worth £51,232.90 won six months ago but yet to be claimed. It was only 34 hours left for the winner to claim the winnings after which the prize would have been used to support projects of the National Lottery.

EuroMillions: Requirements To Participate and Betting Responsibly

For you to play the EuroMillions Lotto, you must be over 18 years of age. The guiding principle of the Lottery encourages people to play responsible other than indulging in it so much. The game is designed in a way that it has tools developed to put you in control of your playing behavior. We don’t want you to spend more money on the game than what you can afford. So, when you want to make a limit of the amount you want to spend in a specific period, you may request to take a break or simply step back to keep an eye on things. There are numerous features of the website that are designed to help you maintain control of your waging behavior. Multilotto is always there to help our customers.

EuroMillions: Game Is Accredited By GamCare

Euro Lotto results are analysed by a number of reviewers such as GamCare. This is the leading provider of various services to problem gamblers. It provides you with online help and face-to-face counseling at no cost throughout Britain. As the leading national centre for information, GamCare provides advice and practical help to companies and individuals in the negative social impacts of gambling. In addition, it also provides certification and awards for UK Lotteries acknowledging the achievements and implementation of GamCare Player Protection Code. EuroMillions is accredited for being the best lottery in Europe.

The EuroMillions jackpot continues growing if no one wins when the draw is made and the prize can increase up to €190 million. When the ultimate prize reaches this level, it has to be capped. Any additional money to the jackpot in the jackpot prize is rolled over to increase the reward money at the next highest tier of winners. The reason for capping the EuroMillions jackpot is to protect you from over-indulging in wagering or the betting company accumulating too much prize money.

EuroMillions: And The Jackpots Drawing

The EuroMillions draw history for the last 180 days can be obtained from the Multilotto website as listed from the most recent to the oldest. You can also search the draw results based on date, jackpot amount, ball numbers or lucky stars. When you click to your favourite draw, you can find further information about the draw details and prize breakdown for other categories.

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